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By Laura Roets, EdD, PhD, CTRS/L, LADC, CRAADC/Supv., AADC, CM III

NAP Project Coordinator, Cox Health

One of the issues faced in our current culture is the availability of quick-fixes, which can lead to worse issues. One of those has to do with the ease with which individuals have with calling a doctor, getting a prescription, and taking a pill, as opposed to working toward prevention of illness. Once an illness presents, taking pills, as opposed to treating oneself with what is already on-hand in a natural medicine or kitchen cabinet. Natural alternatives don’t have an addictive propensity, or cause secondary issues, such as yeast or bladder infections by killing necessary bacteria.

As my second doctorate is in Traditional Naturopathy, it makes sense that I would offer natural alternatives for the flu and cold season. Not only are these flu and cold remedies, but also natural antivirals.

Astragalus is known as a natural antibiotic, fights multiple diseases, and has also been known to double the survival rate for cancer patients;
Barley Grass is a natural antiviral, cleanses the lymph system, and boosts immunity. It is best taken when juiced;
Cat’s Claw is said to possibly be the most powerful immune-enhancer in the world. Many people keep the extract capsules on hand for the flu;
Colloidal Silver is an antibacterial and antifungal. It is incredibly powerful and has been touted to have killed certain strains of HIV. Imagine what it could do to cold and flu germs!;
Echinacea has been proven to have antiviral properties;
Elderberry can be taken in many forms; fruit picked in the summer and perhaps frozen or dehydrated, as a tea, or as a cough syrup. I keep Sambucol on hand and begin taking at the first sign of flu. Additionally, it can be used to treat wounds and reduce nasal congestion;
Garlic is another natural antibiotic. It can be chopped and eaten raw, or taken as a capsule supplement;
Ginger contains over 14 bioactive compounds that are disease killers;
Green Tea fights viruses and is an antiviral remedy;
Lemon with warm water is soothing and has vitamin C. You can also add ginger and/or raw honey;
Lemon Balm not only is an antiviral, but helps combat herpes viruses;
Licorice is known as an antiviral and heals chickenpox and shingles;
Lomatium Dissectium is an antiviral with a respiratory clearing action. It is often called the “secret” anti-influenza herb;
Olive Leaf is a powerful immune-booster and is full of powerful antioxidants;
Oregano Leaf Extract, another of the natural antibiotics, is very strong. Typically, it is taken as a tincture, by placing ½-1 dropper of the liquid on one’s tongue, holding it there as long as possible, then swallowing. It can sting, so most people drink a glass of water after;
Oscilloconium is also known as Oscillo. It is one of the best homeopathic flu remedies on the market. The key is to take it as soon as you feel like you are starting to get sick. Typically, it comes in 6 small vials which are taken one at a time, three times a day for two days. The pellets are melt on the tongue and are absorbed. It can be purchased at local pharmacies, health food stores, and online. I always keep extra in my apothecary cabinet;
Pau D’ Arco is composed of a compound which slows, inactivates, inhibits, kills, and/or stunts viruses. Some of those viruses include: flu, herpes simplex, HIV, avian myeloblastosis virus, and polio virus;
Shiitake Mushrooms kill bad bacteria, viruses, and slow cancerous tumor growth;
St. John’s Wort is antibacterial, antiviral, and can boost one’s mood;
Vitamin C is a powerful antiviral;
Vitamin D/D3 helps to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder, as well as protecting against multiple viruses;
Wheat Grass is often called a rejuvenatory and the blood of all life. It cleanses the lymph system and boosts immunity. It is best taken when juiced;
Zinc is well-known to be effective as a virus fighter;
SLEEP!!! If you aren’t getting adequate sleep, you will be prone to more diseases; and
Don’t forget that great old stand-by, Vick’s Vapor Rub. It has a number of proven uses. For flu and colds, rub it on the arch of your feet at night to cut down on coughing, on your chest and back for easing breathing and coughing. It can be rubbed into muscles to ease soreness and added to boiling water to bring down germs in the air and to ease breathing and coughing
There is a place for both holistic and allopathic medicine. Using natural medicine/remedies, when appropriate, can help prevent many illnesses, and, if already ill, can aid in shortening the length of illness, as well as preventing re-occurrence. Natural remedies also reduce the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Unfortunately, broad-range antibiotic usage can be followed by infections/superbugs, as the “good bacteria” one’s body needs is killed off.

Therefore, it is this writer’s hope, that you have now been given some options and suggestions from Nature’s bounty, which might help you to prevent getting sick or, if you do get sick, help you to heal faster!


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